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How long has it been since you felt fully alive? When was the last time you felt truly seen by your partner, utterly on-purpose in your life, or laughed uncontrollably, overtaken by an embodied experience of truly impossible delight? If you are completely honest, can you see where you may have learned to settle for the comfort of sub-optimal in your life, work or relationships? If so, I am here for you. When we finally move towards what’s right, what’s right moves towards us.

I provide evidence-based counselling as a Wellness Evolved Associate from a foundation of Existential, Humanistic, Transpersonal & Positive Psychology, as a pre-licensed professional therapist, accredited Positive Psychology practitioner, and Existential Life Coach. 

Informed by the latest research on self-actualization, the purpose of my practice is to support you to realize how much more ease, aliveness and feelings of deep connectedness are available to you in your daily life, work and relationships. I am here to walk with you through the hardest parts of life, towards the best. There is no work I would rather do.

  • Therapy:  I am currently accepting new clients at reduced rates for 1-1 therapy sessions as a pre-licensed therapist.

    • Learn more about my practice via Psychology Today here.

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  • The Deep Relationship: A life changing 6-week mentorship to co-actualization and self-actualizing love for couples

  • Actualizing The Deep Relationship: A 3-month mentorship intentionally designed to lead singles to actualize the kind of relationship they think is unrealistic - but their heart knows is real, true and possible for them.



It’s my life's greatest calling to transmute my Masters Degree education on the psychology of human potential to help individuals like you realize how much more fulfillment, aliveness, deep intimacy and peak-experiences are available to you — in your DAILY life!​ 

In my client work and mentorships I provide evidence-based Therapy as a pre-licensed professional therapist from a foundation of existential positive psychology (EPP) as an accredited positive psychology practitioner and existential life coach. ​


​The single focus of this mentorship is actualizing your human potential by taking you from "existing" → deeper living, every 24 hour day of your life. Interestingly, to do this we have to first reconnect to your human struggles. 


One of the ways people try to cope with the inevitable suffering in life is by ignoring difficult thoughts and feelings, “locking them away” inside themselves. 


This doesn’t work (I’ve tried it too!) as we carry our body and mind, and the thoughts + feelings inside them with us everyday. 


Not only does the pain at the heart of what you ignore not disappear, but until it is accessed, embodied and moved through, it actually prevents you from feeling aliveness, deep intimacy and peak experiences in your life— every day!


 It stops you from living fully. 


Together through this mentorship journey we will reconnect to where you have disconnected from yourself —so you can feel true aliveness.


This is the existential coaching part of this mentorship. Starting with where you are today, we begin with reconnecting to the blocks,  pains, and fears present in your life so that you have a foundation from which you can reclaim your individual capacities for positive change, growth, and actualization.


Shifting into this new expansive space you have created within yourself where you can realize— and hold— your full human potential!


This is the positive psychology part of my practice where I'll guide you to feel aliveness, deep intimacy and peak experiences—every 24 hour day. I will offer positive psychology interventions, practices and rituals you can implement in your daily life and together we will infuse the latest research on human flourishing from my Masters degree in Existential-Humanistic Psychology into your unique life design! 



To return to feeling enchanted by your precious human life?


To live without regret...


To realign your human operating system to live each moment as if it were your last?


I'm here to show you how you can feel aliveness in your body and your inhalations more fully.


To guide you to experience transcendence daily.


To connect, live and relate with the beautiful people around you—as if this day were your last—and their last, too.


To discover and reinstate what the most meaningful parts of your finite life really are— amidst a 21st century

that has drifted so far from "it". 


To remind you that life is calling, and you have been given one opportunity to live it fully. 


I'm here with the systems to bring you back to deeper living, today  


Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

Navin | Licensed Therapist 

"Consciousness, existentialism, mortality… I am inspired by Olivia's work and how she carries herself in the world and to know that she is out there, shining her light and bringing that into the world often brings me a lot of peace. It’s an honour to know her." 

Damian | Psychotherapist &
 University of Oxford Lecturer

"Olivia is a passionate, sensitive and reflexive woman who has a highly developed ability to forge strong relationships with people. She has an excellent conceptual awareness of issues that emerge from being in the world and in relation to others and is respectful whilst being unafraid to be challenging.

I found her to be both honest and humble and someone who possesses the energy, drive and commitment to achieve whatever she sets her mind to.

She is professional and also approachable in her demeanour and demonstrates a strong ethical aspect to her work. I am confident that her curiosity and commitment will enable her to become a formidable contributor to the field of psychology. She has a delightful sense of humour and a caring nature. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly.”

Katelyn | Nurse Practitioner

"Olivia makes people feel like she really feels comfortable with them so quickly. The ease with which she brings people close to her so quickly is super special. I feel like I knew her for 5 minutes and I felt special and important, and she does the same thing to everyone around her. She brings people in, and it is so special."

Brian | Holistic Embodiment & Erotic Coach

"Olivia is one of those humans that I feel understands unconditional love. There is like a felt understanding through communication that most humans don’t know, and don’t know how to speak to. She is deeply intelligent in that way, in a way that words can’t speak to. She has a huge heart. It's clear people deeply care about her and are learning from the way that she lives her life.”  



You are an exceptional individual, Olivia. You have helped me see the sacred in aspects of life where I would not otherwise have seen it - namely intimacy and sexuality. If all goes well, I will put this into practice in my own life. You said you are confident that in time - divine timing - I will experience the intimacy that I desire and deserve. This is already starting to happen. 

Within the framework of a client-coach relationship, within the personal (and national) boundaries that are present, you have given me everything you can from this container – and you have loved me as hard as you can, as per your IG. I am so, so thankful. You do not realize what a huge impact you have had on my life. Not too long ago, my fear and shame around intimacy was so deep that I would burst into tears when friends asked about my love life. I found it so difficult to accept that anyone – even my family – could love me. I don’t think I will do that anymore.


You are right to be proud of the work you have done with me, as I am. There are other intimacy coaches, but nobody else integrates the intimacy work with spirituality and dharmic philosophy in the way that you do. For example, many of them embody a goal-oriented mindset. What is better - more important, and which you embody - is a process-oriented mindset. Intimacy is a process and a journey, as you know. Moving forward, I will embody lessons from you in my relations with others. For example, this morning, I shared some of what you told me  - intimacy as INTO-ME-SEE –  with my mother, and the conversation went very well – though she initially feared I would blame her for something. 


You have taught me so much. I am so thankful that our souls could exchange energy in the way that they did. It is clear what a huge impact you have had on my life.” - N.G.

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